My Reader To You: 02.03.10

Derek Ouellette —  March 2, 2010

Blog of the Week goes out to Eric Jones over at With Hands Held High. Eric has written a great post titled, When is Convenience an Inconvenience? He writes,

I’m not against convenience. I love the aquarium, my natures best whole wheat bread, twitter, Facebook, and more. I’m a geek and depend on a lot of these conveniences in order to even succeed at my job. I understand we don’t have time to mill and bake our own bread or that we don’t have the time or money to visit the Serengeti… What I am against though is complacency.

Pete over at WithoutWax has written a fun post titled, Do Cats Go To Hell?

I was once asked in a Q and A on a Sunday morning if I thought “Dogs go to heaven.” I responded by saying, “The real question is do cats go to hell?” To say I hate cats is a bit much. I don’t hate them, but I certainly don’t love them.

He concludes with the question: “So which are you? Team Dog or Team Cat?

Rachel Evans asks, Should Christian Colleges Teach Evolution? I post this here as a recommended read not because I agree with the position taken, but because I believe Christians should critically think these things through. She writes:

So my dad just returned from the International Forum on Higher Education for the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities held in Atlanta, where the hot topic of the week was teaching evolution in Christian colleges. Francis Collins, author of The Language of God and founder of the BioLogos Foundation, spoke at the conference, urging professors and administrators to beware of placing students in the position of having to choose between their intellectual integrity and their faith. Read more…

Which recommended post did you enjoy the most? Which was the most helpful? Which could you have done without?

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  • Eric Gregory

    Amen to the second post by Rachel Evans. Christians need to have their ideas and faith questioned/challenged, and if we cannot come up with explanations for why we believe the way that we do (especially if there’s insurmountable evidence against such a position… *cough*… evolution… *cough*), then we need to be held accountable.

    The entire mindset that we should shy away from anything that questions our beliefs needs to be chucked out the window.

    That, and if Christianity doesn’t offer anything more compelling than a “Get Out Of Hell Free” card, then we should probably just keep our beliefs to ourselves.