Harry’s uh, Heresy? Maybe Not

Derek Ouellette —  January 31, 2010

Hello fellow explorers!

Just a quick note. My good friend Harry has just started his first blog and frankly I think it’s going to be really good. Harry has shown himself to be quite the able biblical expositor and one of the best bible teachers I have ever sat under.

His blog is called Harry’s Heresy Blog, but if I could promise you two things they are 1. at Harry’s site you won’t get any heresy (though you will be shown some things in the bible you never knew where there!); and 2. you will get lots of bible.

So why the title “Harry’s Heresy“? He explains on his “About” page at Harry’s Heresy Blog:

I became a Christian 24 years ago. Since then I have search the scriptures in search of Truth. Along the way I have been called a heretic many times and people have been called “Followers of Harry’s Heresies”.

I believe we have fallen into a Christianity that is in disarray and my passion is to revitalize – not unknown truths – but truths preached long ago in God’s Word.

He has begin a series on “Baptism” and the “Righteousness of God”. You’ll discover with Harry’s approach what should be true of all biblical studies, namely, that all of these doctrines are interconnected.

He is a teacher, and so you will be taught.

Harry’s Heresy Blog

Click Here

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  • http://wearethestories.org Eric Gregory

    I almost named my own site “Orthodox Heresy/Heresies” for exactly the same reason. Harry’s site is getting RSS’d ASAP!

  • http://covenantoflove.net Derek Ouellette

    Cool Eric, I think you’ll enjoy interacting with him.