Song For Mom (Happy Mother’s Day)

Derek Ouellette —  May 6, 2010

This is a personal post dedicated to my own mother for Mother’s Day.

Several years ago, while I was single, I wrote this song for my mom and played it for her on guitar for Mother’s Day. The inspiration for this song came from a book I had read titled, Great Women in Church History, where I remember a quote by John Wesley to the effect of, “I could look the world twice over and don’t know if I’ll ever find a women like my father found” (from memory) – of course making reference to his mother whom we know was a great woman in the history of the Church.

At the time I had just ended a relationship with someone I had been close to for many years and – little did I knew – it would not be long before I would meet my wife. This song reflects the various stages of my life and the effect my mom had on me during those times.

The first verse takes place when I am an infant. My mother tells me that her impression back then was that no one really wanted me – my brother and sister were born and evidently that was enough – and so I became something like “the apple in her eye” (as my wife puts it), or “the baby” as my mom says.

The second verse tells of after we had become Christians in my early teens, and in my later teens I had “backslid” from the Lord (not “fallen away” – there is a difference). During that period in my life my mom agonized over me as she watched helpless while I grew more bitter toward God, church and everything “Christian”.

The third verse speaks of me as I wrote the song in my mid twenties “single and free” – but looking for a wife. It is essentially a declarative prayer to God stating that I won’t except “just any girl”, she’s gotta come from Him. But I attach a condition: “Momma must approve” (is it “politically ‘Christian’ incorrect” to condition God? – oh well). Every time I have shared this song with my mom she leans over with big smile, wraps her arm around my wife and says “I do. I do.”

I Could Look The World Twice Over

Verse 1:
When I was but a child, she took me in her arms.
She held me close and promised I’d be her little charm.
And when I felt rejected by everybody else,
She pulled me to her face and said “your my sweet boy of grace”.

I could look the world twice over and wonder if I’d find,
Another woman like my mother, she’s one of a kind.
I could look the world twice over and wonder who You’ve got for me;
Father is she like my mother? What a blessing that would be.

Verse 2:
When I was a teenager, a young man of faith,
She led me by example, showing His grace.
And when I walked away, and all hope seemed lost,
She said, “my son I’ll love you, right back to the cross.”
[Repeat Chorus]

Verse 3:
When I was in my twenties single and free,
And wondering Lord, ‘Whom have You been keeping for me?’
I won’t accept just any girl, she’s gotta come from You.
With only one condition Lord, that momma must approve.

Chorus 2 (revised):
I could look the world twice over and wonder if I’d find,
Another woman like my mother, she’s one of a kind.
But Father You’ve been so faithful in who You’ve given me
She’s a woman like my mother, and what a blessing she has been!

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