A Son’s Prayer

Derek Ouellette —  May 8, 2011

When I was but a child she took me in her arms,
She held me close and promised I’d be her little charm.
And when I felt rejected by everybody else,
She pulled me to her face and said,
“You’re my sweet boy of grace.”

When I was but a teenager, a young man of faith,
She led me by example, showing God’s grace.
And when I fell away and all hope seemed lost,
She said, “My son I’ll love you,
Right back to the cross.”

Now I’m in my twenties, single and free,
And wondering Lord, who have you been keeping for me.
I won’t accept just any girl, she’s got to come from you,
With only one condition Lord, mamma must approve.

I could look the world twice over,
And wonder if I’d find,
Another woman like my mother,
She’s one of a kind.
I could look the world twice over,
And wonder who you’ve kept for me.
Father, is she like my mother?
What a blessing that would be.

Context: I first wrote these lyrics and sang them for my mom for Mother’s Day 2005. I was in my mid-twenties and had recently ended a long and emotionally draining relationship when I came across a quote by John Wesley who lamented that he could look the world twice over and wonder if he’d find a woman as his father had found, referring of course to his mother Susanna Wesley.

I began to reflect on the strengths of my mother and the many things she has endured in this life and still, to this day, I marvel. My father was a lucky man.

While meditating on these things I sat up in my room, pulled out a pen, paper and guitar and birthed the lyrics above.

One year later I would meet my future wife, a woman more or less introduced to me by my mom.

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