On My Book: Manuscript in Process (Help!)

Derek Ouellette —  September 9, 2010

As I said on my About page, one of my aspirations is to write a book. Anyone who has written a book can probably testify to how difficult it is just completing the first draft of a manuscript! So sometime about two years ago I started working on my manuscript (don’t ask me for a title, I can only vaguely give you my desired theme, which itself is an ambiguous thing), before I ran into “writers block”. Translation: because of my living arrangements my library was put into storage where my access to it is limited. This makes for difficult referencing and research, since I tend to buy the books which I wish to use as sources.

Since then I have become friends with someone who runs two book clubs a week. After several months of desiring to hand her a copy of my vastly incomplete manuscript for feedback, and finally remembering to get it to her, she had it read in no time at all, and with a great deal of excitement she pressed me to keep it going. Apparently I left her hanging.

Thanks to Genienne’s enthusiastic response I have been encouraged – despite the inconvenience – to press on with my manuscript. To that end from time to time I will be posting “thoughts” which may work their way into the final draft.

But I would appreciate your help with this process. As I post, every time you see the word “Manuscript” in the post title, it is something I am working through and considering adding to the book. Any comments, suggestions or criticism you might have on those particular posts would be greatly appreciated!


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