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Derek Ouellette —  July 15, 2011
  • Jeff Cook offers a stimulating “response” to Chan and Sprinkles new book, Erasing Hell.
  • While on the subject of Love Wins and Erasing Hell and God Wins (Mark Gailli’s book) my friend Craig provides many current discussion links and gives his thoughts on Erasing Hell (which are generally in line with my own here):

There aren’t many books on the topic of Hell, and most of those that do exist are pretty bad. So, Chan’s book stands out as a well stated and succinct defense. The bibliography and footnotes are quite good, as well.

Yes, the book has a Calvinistic approach. Yes, I have… ehem! issues with this topic. Yes, I am interested in any and all rebuttal. However, the authors should be commended for making such a solid contribution to the public debate on these issues

  • Michael Bird has written a six-part series on “The Church and Israel” (part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6). It was his second post that inspired me to begin my own study more narrowly on Romans 11:26 and to explore the question: “does ‘Israel’ refer to the nation or the ‘whole people of God’?” (so far Part 1 and 2 with more to come.)
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  • Pumice

    Since I have a long shelf full of books I intend to read, I didn’t spend much time with your list. I did take a quick look at your first offering since I occasionally listen to at least the first half of a Driscoll sermon when I walk.

    Yes Driscoll often sticks his foot in his mouth and expresses things in a less than ideal way. The main reason he is offensive to people, though, is because he speaks truth about topics that spiritual woosies don’t want to deal with.

    I might suggest that all the people who read Driscoll’s Facebook postings spend the time in the word instead. Or as I often ask, “Don’t you have a life.”

    In spite of that, thanks for your offerings.

    Grace and peace