Chalke Stuns Evangelicals: All For Gay Marriage

“Steve Chalke, one of the most prominent evangelical leaders in the United Kingdom, has publicly announced his change of belief that monogamous same-sex relationships are not sinful, and makes an argument for why churches should support such relationships…”

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Derek Ouellette

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  • CGC

    Hi Derek,
    I have great respect for Chalk and the ministry he does. He is committed to God and his Word so people may disagree with Chalk on this issue but at least it comes from his understanding of Scripture and possibly how he understands issues of what reconciliation and justice should look like for the gay community WITH the church rather than APART from her.
    After saying all this, I wonder how this will work out in ten or twenty years from now for Chalk and what kind of fruit will come from all this? I suspect there is going to be a BIG disconnect between his ideals of transformation of this group and the reality of it. Okay, do the weddings and map out how they work out in the future as permanant monogamous relationships. I hope and pray Christian discipleship would play a strong role in bringing unity and healing to this group and others but I am not so sure that after Steve has traveled down this road for a while, it really is going to lead him to the place he thinks it will. I quess time will tell . . . .

    • Derek Ouellette