Here are some great articles and links for your weekend reading. If you have a great blog I’d love to add it to my RSS reader. Leave me a comment below with a link to your website. Enjoy!

1. Surprise! Evangelical Efforts Against Sex-Trafficking Are “Colonialists”:

Moreover, evangelicals are committed to rescuing the sex-trafficked not because they disapprove of the sex workers’ activities but because they feel compassion for the little girls (and sometimes boys) who are raped for profit. To call this “colonialism” in another form may make for a passing dissertation but honestly it’s the kind of nonsense I fled academia to escape.

2. The Ten Percent Shift – Pledge to shift 10% of your existing spending to local businesses:

For example, if $100 is spent in an online bookstore, no money flows into the community. If it is spent at a Chapters outlet, $13 stays in the community. If it is spent at a locally owned bookstore, $45 stays, so it has a real impact. Now imagine that for other products or services. That’s what is known as the multiplier effect, generally keeping more dollars in the local economy.

3. I Hate Loving Mark Driscoll:

Rev. Mark Driscoll, founder of Mars Hill church, has a true gift. Just when I think I’m making at least a modicum of progress toward tolerance – if not actual Christlike love – toward the guy, inevitably he does something to make me despise him all over again.

4. The Moviegoer: Hobbitses, Les Miserables, and Grace Notes Not Quite in Harmony:

I wouldn’t say that I found myself bored, but what occurs between the opening scene at Bilbo’s home and Bilbo’s later interaction with Gollum (more on that brilliant scene shortly) feels like one big let’s-hurry-up-and-get-there ellipsis filled with indistinct chase scenes.

5. Will the Real Charismatic Please Stand Up?

It should go without saying that both extremes are not only unhealthy, but potentially destructive to the body of Christ due to their imbalance. There is a healthy middle which represents an orthodox position in all of these areas.

6. Happy 100th Birthday, Carl F.H. Henry:

Today would have been the 100th birthday of evangelical stalwart Carl F. H. Henry (1913-2003). It is probable that many reading this blog have never heard of the man. It is also probable that without his work, there would not be a Gospel Coalition to begin with.

7. Torn, Chapter 5-6: On Reparative Therapy and Ex-Gay Ministries:

As Justin enters college, he decides to try ex-gay ministries—the kind whose Web sites promised “healing” and “deliverance” from homosexuality, complete with testimonies from “ex-gay” men and women that included pictures of them smiling with their families. Justin and his parents spared no expense; they would do whatever it took to “fix” his same-sex attraction.

8. Alister McGrath answers a few Q&A on his new biography on C.S. Lewis: here.

9. Alister McGrath discussion his new book in this short video:


10. You’re link: Don’t forget, if you have a great blog I’d love to add it to my RSS reader. In the comment box below tell me about your blog with a link to its URL.

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  • Giselle

    Hello, Thanks for the invitation! My name is Giselle. I am a Canadian singer/songwriter, and I also write a daily “word press blog” devotional on my website. I also have just released my first song book of some of my personal songs with amazon. Blessings in Jesus on your soon to be new addition!

    • Derek Ouellette

      Thanks Giselle, I’ll add your blog to my RSS with the potential of being highlighted on one of my Friday’s Links.

  • Stosh D Walsh

    Thanks for the articles. My blo is at Doing a series on leadership myths at the moment; before that a post on Driscoll’s leadership.
    Book on amazon-I’m the first Stosh that comes up 😉

    • Derek Ouellette

      Good stuff Stosh. I looked up your book, Along the Way. Awesome. I’ve added you to my reader.

  • Danny Anderson

    Very nice links. Thanks! And what a great idea to ask for RSS links. I teach English at a small Christian college and that has opened my eyes to a need for Christians to develop not only their intellects, but also their imaginations. So my blog is kind of a way to creatively ponder culture, faith, and life. Hope you enjoy!

    • Derek Ouellette

      Hey Danny, that’s amazing. I just finished reading Alister McGrath’s new biography on C.S. Lewis – talk about realizing the importance of the imagination. Brian Zahnd’s recent book, Beauty Will Save the World is all about that.

      Thanks for the link to your blog. I’ve added it for a chance to be featured in one of my 10 Links posts.

  • Bill Britton

    You’ll have to be the judge as to the merits of my new blog, blog excited about it. Thanks for taking a look: You can see by the three entries that at least it won’t be “always the same thing.” :-)