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1. Ecumenical Orthodox Patriarch and Roman Pope together at last:

The Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I will attend Pope Francis’s inaugural Mass. The Ecumenical Patriarchate Press Office informed AsiaNews about the decision, noting that this is the first time such an event occurs since the Catholic-Orthodox split in 1054, an important sign for Christian unity.

2. New Pope breaks tradition… a sign of what’s to come?:

The new pope then quickly made another kind of history, breaking with tradition in his first public act before the 150,000 people packed into St. Peter’s Square. Rather than bless the crowd first, he asked them to pray for him.

3. Five myth about Bible translation:

There’s always something lost in translation. It’s like saying in French, “don’t eat the fish; it’s poison.” The word ‘fish’ in French is poisson, while the word ‘poison’ is, well, poison. There’s always something lost in translation.

4. Does History Channel’s The Bible live up to its promises?:

I appreciate the task Burnett and Downey are attempting: to demonstrate that Jesus’s birth, life, death, and resurrection were the climax of a great narrative, the telos of generations who trusted God’s promise and looked forward to Messiah’s coming.  To its credit, The Bible never loses this thread—it is consistent in its thematic attention to an approach to the Old Testament that is both literal and typological in nature, assuming the events really happened as the Bible depicts them but seeing them as foreshadowing the fulfillment that Christ represents.

5. Was Karl Barth a Universalist?:

Barth was and was not a universalist. The solution is not sheer paradox, however. He was a universalist in the sense of everyone, all human persons, being reconciled to God, not just as something potential but as something actual from God’s side. He was not a universalist in the sense of believing that everyone, all human persons, will necessarily know and experience that reconciliation automatically, apart from any faith, having fellowship with God now or hereafter. Without doubt, however, he was a hopeful universalist in that second sense of the word.

6. Passion Week infograph:

This week’s infographic, The Passion Week, is a chronological timeline of the major events that happened during Jesus’ last week before he died and rose again.

7. Seven reasons I picked Feedly to replace Google Reader:

Making a decision about which software to use is highly personal. If Feedly doesn’t meet your needs, pick one that does. Thankfully, there are lots of options.

8. Rob Bell on doubting God at Easter:

That Easter Sunday was fairly traumatic, to say the least, because I realized that without some serious reflection and study and wise counsel I couldn’t keep going without losing something vital to my sanity. The only way forward was to plunge headfirst into my doubts and swim all the way to the bottom and find out just how deep that pool went. And if I had to, in the end, walk away in good conscience, then so be it. At least I’d have my integrity.

9. Why the next generation no longer affirms the rapture:

I hope you’ll join me in this discussion with our fellow-Christian brothers and sisters who still affirm, in one degree or another, this doctrine. I will be adding reference notes to the succeeding blogs so that everyone can identify the sources that I think are relevant, authoritative, and pertinent to this subject.


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