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1. N.T. Wright Kindle Deal:

From now until March 10th, download Simply Jesus by N.T. Wright for only $2.22! Buy it by clicking here.

2. Major hate speech ruling in Canada affirms biblical principles:

The court ruled against William Whatcott, a Christian activist who argued that his anti-gay pamphlets did not violate the Saskatchewan province’s human rights code. Although the court found otherwise—two of the four pamphlets in question did attempt to incite hatred, judges said—the overall ruling is a victory for those who felt the existing hate speech ban was too wide.

3. Why we have our best ideas in the shower:

Typical triggers for events, that make us feel great and relaxed and therefore give us an increased dopamine flow are taking a warm shower, exercising, driving home, etc. The chances of having great ideas then are a lot higher.

4. The Passion Week – Infograph:

This week’s infographic, The Passion Week, is a chronological timeline of the major events that happened that happened during Jesus’ last week before he died and rose again.

5. R.C. Sproul, Arminianism, and Semi-Pelagianism:

“I was disappointed that Sproul did not respond to my book. He asked for a copy of it and I sent it with the intention that he would read it and respond. It’s been almost five years now. Perhaps life circumstances have prevented it, but I would like very much to know what other Calvinists who have misrepresented Arminianism in the same manner have to say about my book and its central argument that Arminianism is not semi-Pelagianism.”

6. Prometheus and the Jesus Connection:

Scott wasn’t the first movie maker to play on this theme. One thinks, for example, of the original Star Trek Movie or more recently of Knowing with Nicolas Cage. Both movies play on similar themes. And not in an unjustifiable way. For those themes echo in some sense what we read in Genesis 6…

7. Theologically based hit song? “I think my wife’s a Calvinist”:

8. Can we compare religions?:

But am I suggesting that we should engage in an objective study of comparative religions? No. In fact, I think such an undertaking is impossible. Not inadvisable, but literally impossible. You can only experience a religion by being a believer within the faith and practice of that religion. Religion cannot be approached objectively. The very nature of religion prevents this.

9. Guy solves Rubik’s cube while juggling it:


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