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1. A Narrative of Drone Strikes. An interview with Ian Ebright at Red Letter Christians:

Ian sat down (via Skype) with me this morning to discuss his forthcoming film, how Christians can respond to drones, and what it means to be fully pro-life…

2. IVP Pocket Reference App for iPhone and Android (not an affiliate link) $0.99:

The IVP Pocket Reference app is designed for students, pastors, scholars and leaders as an aid to formal or informal study of apologetics, biblical languages, church history, contemporary religions, ethics, theology, philosophy of religion and more. Launching with the complete set of more than 300 terms and definitions from the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms, this app aims to become your constant companion—a convenient, expandable and customizable library of trustworthy and timely Christian reference.

3. The problem with Christians doing the Harlem Shake:

Even as the meme takes off and gets mainstream exposure on outlets including the Today show, most of us still know nothing about the music, artist, or song behind the “Harlem Shake.”

4. Turning on Tim Tebow:

Has Tim abandoned his traditional biblical views on sexuality? Is he embarrassed by the fans who love him most? Is he leaving behind his Christian distinctiveness and watering down the gospel? These aren’t just questions I’ve seen floating around; they’re more like accusations. And even though I’m perplexed by Tim’s change of plans, I’m just as concerned about the onslaught of criticism that has come his way from fellow Christians.

5. R.C. Sproul, Arminianism, and Semi-Pelagianism:

But what about Sproul’s definition of semi-Pelagianism? I can say quite confidently that he is wrong. “Semi-Pelagianism” is not any denial of effectual grace (i.e., what is commonly called “irresistible grace”). Every scholar of historical theology knows that “semi-Pelagianism” is a term for a particular view of grace and free will that emerged primarily in Gallic monasticism in the fifth century in response to Augustine’s strong emphasis on grace as irresistible for the elect.

6. Twitter plus teaching = tweaching?:

In one of my very first posts, I wondered how I might incorporate Twitter into my composition class. This week I actually tried it, and I think that it worked. I want to emphasize that it was by no means smooth going, but, as is normal for me, I take that as a sign of success.

7. Swords into plowshares and hate mail into origami:

I mentioned on Facebook the other day that perhaps part of my Lenten experience this year could include learning origami, so that I can turn some of this hate mail into pretty birds and ships and kites.

8. Donate for my birthday:

As a matter of full disclosure, my wife and I put up $25. I’m not boasting, so please don’t take it that way. I’m a little embarrassed to say how much. I only mention it so that you know I’m serious about this. All I’m asking is that you and your friends would scoot over there and donate the cost of a birthday card. That’s it. (Of course if you want to do more, that’s cool too!)

9. How the next Pope will be elected (Infograph):


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