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1. The Pope’s Resignation Q&A:

What will Pope Benedict be known as once he has stepped down as pope?
According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, Pope Benedict will return to being known as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. It said he would be addressed as his eminence or Cardinal Ratzinger.

2. God’s love and the non-elect:

The character of God as revealed in Scripture — and particularly in Christ — is what the Arminian believes he or she is trying to defend and protect when engaged in this conversation. If one’s claims infer that God does not love the alleged “non-elect,” the Arminian protests that the theory is contrary to what Scripture plainly teaches regarding the character of God.

3. The Gospel According to Isaiah 53: A Review:

So, when given the opportunity to review The Gospel According to Isaiah 53, I decided the time investment would be worthwhile if I could shake off my too-comfortable familiarity with the text and be challenged afresh by it’s message. I was not disappointed.

4. What the Benedict Papacy Meant for Women:

The simplest analysis of Benedict’s eight-year papacy would recall that he did not welcome female priests, did not support the use of contraceptives, did not pause the church’s campaign against abortion, and did not change its stance on homosexuality… same as anyone elected head of the Roman Catholic Church would have done. These points alone are enough for some to consider his papacy far from female-friendly, but devoted Catholics, particularly women, push us to think more deeply about Benedict. In blogs, these women write how much they surprisingly came to love him.

5. What if Pedophilia were an orientation?:

I’ve argued so far that pedophilia may be an orientation and that that does not alleviate the heinous actions of a pedophile when he acts – in any way – upon those desires. As the church has dropped the ball on our homosexual community by failing to be a supportive outlet that embraces them and models for them true Christ-love and acceptance, so also not just the church, but society has long abandoned and ostracized pedophiles so that, unlike the homosexual community, we cannot even speak of a pedophile community. For where would two pedophiles admit their struggles? Where could they go to get help? Get support? Find strength? Consider Ralf again.

6. 40 Ideas for Lent:

As has become a tradition here on the blog, I’ve compiled a list of 40 ideas that I hope will help you make the most of this season of reflection, penitence, and preparation. This year’s list includes many of your suggestions, which I gathered from the comment section here. Thank you so much for your input and ideas! They made this year’s list one of the best.

7. What is Lent?:

Millions of Christians around the world will spend the next 40 days celebrating a Christian tradition which predates every denomination. The season of Lent refers to a 40 day period leading up to the celebration of Easter. The English word “Lent” is a funny one.

8. German Ad Campaign Prank Hilariously Mean:

The prank’s victim is an unsuspecting traveler waiting for a flight at an airport. While they wait, actors with the ad agency covertly snap pictures of them, and within minutes, the picture is used on TV news reports and magazine covers while their description is read over the loud speaker warning that the “wanted suspect” is “armed and dangerous”.

9. End Times Infographic:

The goal for this end times infographic was to summarize the major postions that Christianity has held over the years in regards to the timing of last things. The three major views are premillennialism, postmillennialism and amillennialism.

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