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1. A Westboro woman leaves her church:

“I don’t feel confident at all in my beliefs about God. That’s definitely scary. But I don’t believe anymore that God hates almost all of mankind. I don’t think that, if you do everything else in your life right and you happen to be gay, you’re automatically going to hell. I don’t believe anymore that WBC has a monopoly on truth.”

2. Allegations of preschool oral sex shock parents:

The claim, filed by attorney Gregory Owen on behalf of one child, alleges 4- and 5-year-olds at the First Lutheran Child Development Center in Carson, California, were performing oral sex on each other at the preschool.

3. “As leftist lesbian professor, I despised Christians, Then I somehow became one.”:

I began researching the Religious Right and their politics of hatred against queers like me. To do this, I would need to read the one book that had, in my estimation, gotten so many people off track: the Bible.

4. Can Gays Change:

Jones and Yarhouse think success can be achieved and measured empirically. Justin Lee disagrees that success is achieved. His argument, based more on the anecdotes of those who have “illustrious” stories is that over time they will admit they still have same-sex attraction, which is the definition of gay.

5. Hyper-Calvinists are no the same as Hyper Calvinists:

The definition I am proposing outlines five varieties of hyper-Calvinism, listed here in a declining order, from the worst kind to a less extreme variety (which some might prefer to class as “ultra-high Calvinism”):

6. Four-Views on the Apostle Paul (book review pt.2):

I am aware that the amount of space Schreiner had to work with was limited and that he could’ve, in theory, eliminated or addressed problems with his view had he possessed sufficient space to do so, but I’m doubtful. Many traditional Reformed scholars, despite the ample devastating critiques here and elsewhere, are more confessionally driven than perhaps either exegetically or historically compelled.

7. The frustration of being better online than in-person:

I’m not gonna lie. If you only know me through Facebook or this blog, you’re not missing out on much. The real-life version isn’t any better. In fact, my speaking ability is significantly inferior to my writing ability. To be clear, I’m neither depressingly sulking over my deficiencies nor pridefully praising my gifts.

8. Grabbing a guy’s package = off with her hand:

This  passage, while often ignored or overlooked by Christians, is readily seized upon by skeptics and those hostile to the Abrahamic religions in order to show that the Bible is really an evil, twisted, bloodthirsty book written by savages who knew nothing but violence and superstition.

9. “Two guys strap on s childbirth simulator (It gets good around 5 or 6 minutes):

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