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1.Church, Then Lunch, Then Strip Club: Pastoral Failure Laid Bare in Game’s ‘Jesus Piece’:

Herein partly lies the reason why Game is no different from the majority of Americans who identify themselves as “Christian” but live lives that are anything but: He has a pastor who is unwilling to point one of his congregants towards repentance.

2. If Your Child is Gay:

He began to come out to others, eventually working out an arrangement with his youth pastor who got his parents to the pastor’s office where they divulged Justin’s sexual orientation. His parents naturally struggled but they immediately let him know that they loved him and would continue to love him.

3. To the ‘Pastor’ who left the 0% tip and note about tithing:

As a minister and a follower of Jesus, all I can do is hang my head in shame when I hear about this phenomenon. It is a pitiful indictment against the people of God when one of those in a position of Shepherd acts in such a shameful manner…and in this case, the entire world is witness to it.

4. If You’re Scared to go to Church?: No if You’re NOT Scared to go to Church:

It is therefore the ones who are not scared that go to church. They are principled and unarmed men who will follow what they know to be true even in the face of a sharp-fanged empire; something Pilate and most of my “manly” contemporaries aren’t quite ready for.

5. An Evangelical Argument for Permitting Same-Sex Marriage:

Should we, in the absence of a cultural consensus in favor of our Judeo-Christian model of marriage, try to get our model of marriage legally enforced and other models excluded?

6. Against Left Behind: The Best Books:

It is a theory without credibility to my mind, popularized by novels and movies and – not least – non-fiction books that feed on the fear of people and have a way of taking ambiguous biblical passages, pointing to current events and screaming, “Ah Ha! Prophecy!”

7. Tattooed 49ers QB Not the Only Controversial Christian in 2013 Super Bowl:

[Ray] Lewis also has tattoos, although they aren’t Bible verses and have not sparked nearly the same controversy as Kaepernick’s. Rather, Lewis first became well-known over a decade ago, when his role in a January 2000 fight resulted in an indictment on murder and aggravated-assault charges.

8. Tozer’s Grave:

Well, as it turned out, I had lived right down the street from Tozer’s grave for most of my youth and hadn’t had any idea. So, the Romantic that I am, I decided to take a trip down Interstate 77 to visit my old haunts and to gain some perspective on my life that I hoped would steady me for the upcoming move to Georgia. With the goal of ending my day meditating about my own fallible pursuit of God over the grave of the man who wrote the book, I drove around my old neighborhood.

9. Six Leadership Myths – Myth Three: “I wouldn’t ask people to do anything I couldn’t/wouldn’t do”:

A telling reality of leadership is that leaders must marshal their forces, directing people to roles and activities that will best serve the objectives of the enterprise.  At the same time, leaders must perform the functions set out for them, functions that differ from those of their followers by design.  Imagine for a moment what it would be like if a leader spent most of his time “pitching in” or doing the same work that others could be doing.  That leader would be redundant, and the enterprise leaderless.

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  • Danny Anderson

    Wow! Thanks for linking to my post about Tozer’s Grave, Derek. What an honor! What a guy!

  • Danny Anderson

    Thanks again for linking to the Tozer thing, Derek. You’re too kind.

  • Stosh D. Walsh

    Thanks for the link, Derek! Myth Four will be up on Monday!

  • Alastair Shaw

    As a self-deprecating resident of the United Kingdom, I hesitate to take the much over-used term “great” and apply it to my modest blog. Nonetheless, the possibility of doubling my regular readership by your kind offer of following the blog has caused me to throw modesty to one side, embrace my inner North American and boldly declare: “Yes, I have a blog! And it’s not too bad (as we say in Britain).”

    Philosopher’s Tree is a “heady mix of politics, culture and faith.” Unlike many others that occupy this treacherous ground, my approach is to write directly for an audience who do not necessarily have a faith perspective, rather than to “equip” believers.

    Recent posts include some thoughts from the very late Joe Strummer on the music “industry”, a British perspective on President Obama’s second inaugural speech, a biblical view on snow (we get very animated in Britain at the mere hint of snowflakes – even hail or sleet usually make it to the top of the news programmes), and an article on New York City’s difficulties with polticised policing.

    As discerning readers will have already noticed, spelling at Philosopher’s Tree follows British English, a fact which has so far not deterred too many other English-dialect users. Your indulgence is appreciated.

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