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Derek Ouellette —  January 22, 2010

Ben Clark is a small town musician with a bright future. Last year he released his first CD, self titled Ben Clark. Since that date he has made two music videos (here and here) and received Best New Song of the Year 2009  award by GMA Canada, the song is called “Woo Hoo”.

On February 2, 2010, Ben will be re-releasing his self titled album across Canada with a new ‘look’, and featuring two remixes from special guest Jeff Frankenstein of the Newsboys.

Ben has taken time out of his crazy busy schedule, to answer a few questions for Covenant of Love regarding his ministry and the re-release of his album:

Derek: Have you always aspired to be an artist/musician or was their ever a time when you wanted to do something else?

Ben: I’ve always loved music but actually I trained for triathlons for four years prior to pursuing my music. I got to the point where I moved out to California and lived there for 3 months and raced professionally. After getting sick with mono for the second time I took some time to reflect on what God wanted me to do with my life. I really wanted to be a triathlete but I felt the Lord saying that it wasn’t what he wanted for me. So I came back home and started music which I feel more at peace with.

Derek: Your first album, Ben Clark, has been on the market for a year now, why the re-release?

Ben: We are re-releasing the album because we were blessed to get national distribution through David C. Cook distribution Canada. So our CD will be in stores across Canada now!

Derek: What are some of the features that are on the new album that were not on the original album released last year?

Ben: Some of the new features are that it has all new artwork and two of our singles “Woo Hoo” and “I Run” have been remixed by “Newsboys” keyboardist Jeff Frankenstein.

Derek: I noticed that you have changed the album cover. It’s often said, “never judge a book by its cover”, yet it seems by nature we all do. Why did you choose the new cover that you did, and what message do you hope to communicate with its new design?

Ben: We figured if the CD was going to be in stores across Canada, that people would probably want to know what I looked like. So we did a photo shoot and that was the picture we used! Being a new artist that probably not a lot of people have heard of yet, we wanted a look that will catch peoples attention on the shelves in stores. Hopefully then people will be curious about this strange looking kid and buy the album! Haha. The message we hope to communicate with it’s design is that Ben Clark is cool!

Derek: The new album is poised to be re-released on February 2nd across Canada, but I understand you’re not going to be around for its release. Tell me about that?

Ben: I will be in Madagascar, Africa on a mission trip when my Cd is released. I’m going to an orphanage where most of the children who are there, their parents died of aids. I’ll be there for three weeks helping them learn the alphabet in French, doing some teachings on the bible, playing soccer, teaching them guitar and anything else that I can do to help.  I saw some pictures of some of them eating snake so I’m excited about that too! Haha.

Derek: It must have been quite exciting for you when your song “Woo Hoo” was announced “Song of the Year” by the Canadian Gospel Music Association (GMA) in October 2009. Tell me about the message in “Woo Hoo”.

Ben: Yes we were stoked!  The message in the song “Woo Hoo” is joy!  There is so much negativity out there in the world, in the news, T.V etc. We wanted to bring the message that we have God in our lives and that’s why we can still smile, laugh and sing knowing that He is our joy and will never leave us or forsake us. We wanted it to be a pure celebration song about God being alive and in our lives!

Derek: If you could communicate one message or theme with your album what would it be?

Ben: If I could communicate one message or theme in my album it would be that I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart and that I want others to experience His love the way I have since that day I asked Him into my heart.

Derek: Are there any projects planned for the near future for you and your team? If so is there anything you can tell me about them?

Ben: Yes! Lots! We definitely want to tour more, because the Lord has blessed us with a really cool live show that we want to share with more people and see people come to the Lord though our ministry. We’ve also recently started working on some new tunes! Nothing major yet just getting into the studio and playing around with some new sounds, but the new songs are going to be great! Hopefully we’ll have another album out next year sometime!

Derek: Thanks Ben, Cov-of-Luv wishes the best for you, Bori, Ryan and everyone else who is a part of the “Ben Clark” team.

Ben: Thanks Derek! It’s been an honor to be apart of Cov-of-Luv blog!

Check out Ben’s site to listen to some of his songs including the two that have been remixed by Jeff Frankenstein. Plus, here is the promotion video of his first release party last year in my store.

Finally, you can listen to a clip of Woo Hoo, I Run and Praise the Lord (my personal favorite) right here on Cov-of-Luv if you prefer.

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