I have chosen my word for the year:


Two reasons led me to this.

1. In honor of C.S. Lewis’ 50th anniversary of his death, we have been and will continue to pay this “scholar of joy” due credit here at Covenant of Love.

2. But this theme works for me for a personal reason as well. My wife and I are overjoyed to be having our first child come into this world in just a few months.

Joy. It just makes you want to smile.

Previous years I’ve chosen other words. Words like “depressed,” “angry,” “tired.” I think “joy” will be a nice change. It reminds me of a sunshine in a blooming meadow.

Joy is that miracle which takes place inside a person so that, even in the midst of the storm, when there is no room for happiness, you notice off to the side somewhere a resilient flower rebelling against the elements.

Joy is that flower. It’s not happiness. It’s, well, indescribable [1 Peter 1:8].

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