Friends Discussing Hell [Podcast]

Derek Ouellette —  November 23, 2012

You’re invited to listen in to a conversation with three friends about hell. Drew Chapados, Joshua Zuliani and myself. It is an area we each have wrestled with and continue to wrestle with. After a brief musical introduction courtesy of that old Christian rockband Stryper, we pick up the discussion with a question: Why are people so fascinated with Hell?

Click on the image below to listen in.


Episode description: This podcast features three friends sporting their Movember staches, having a causal, non-scripted and open discussion about Hell. We bring up and explore why it is that Hell is such an important topic for so many people, what is at stake in this discussion and what are the various views and their merits and weaknesses. It’s an entertaining listen, so if you have 40 minutes to spare, I’m sure you’ll find this discussion engaging, thoughtful and enjoyable.

I hope you’ll tune in and give us your feedback.

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