What to Expect (Giveaway)

Derek Ouellette —  June 8, 2010

First I want to thank everyone who took part in this book giveaway with me; everyone who entered the competition by subscribing and especially those who went out of their way to help promote this event. A few mentionable bloggers are Brian Leport, Kurt Willems, Eric Gregory, Trevin Wax, Mark Braye and Matt Mikalatos. Please visit their blogs, find them on twitter and befriend them on facebook.

Many of you put some energy into this giveaway and so I want to let you know what to expect next. Here’s the process:

  1. Today I will go through the names of everyone who entered the competition and print them out according to the number of times they entered.
  2. The names will go in the famous “June” hat and my wife will do the draw.
  3. The winner will be contacted via email.
  4. I will request the winners shipping address and a photo.
  5. Once I get a photo from them I will make the announcement public, hopefully by Friday at the latest.

Odd Pile

One thing which I have noticed is that people seem to be perplexed by the matching of books I have chosen to giveaway. Initially the giveaway consisted of three new books by Tom Wright, Brian McLaren and D.A. Carson. When Matt Mikalatos contacted me about throwing Imaginary Jesus into the pile I was happy to oblige, but after I read Imaginary Jesus I became thrilled to add it to the pile (Great book! See my review).

D.A. Carson seems (in my estimate) to be at the top of his class as far as academic credibility within the traditional protestant scheme of things. Brian McLaren is perhaps the best known “Emergent” guy out there, and his views seem to be sliding more into the liberal camp all the time. N.T. Wright is someone I consider to be Post-conservative, always willing to challenge tradition in light of the Bible but never the one to give in to liberalism.

Three top writers, three views and three traditions all following the same Lord. It is my hope and prayer that the winner of this giveaway will read all three and be challenged and perhaps slightly bent out of shape (in a good way), in a way that allows them to grow in the Lord.

Stick Around

It is also my hope that you will continue to journey with me as I explore this Christian faith, hopefully and prayerfully with grace. Help me wrestle through difficult issues by sharing your opinions and comments. I am sure to be wrong on many things, I just don’t know what. I am sure to be correct on a very many other things, but I am not sure where. That is why it is called a journey: you never know quite what is going to be the next impasse until you get there, and often you need friends to help you find a way around.

That’s where you come in.

So this blog is not really about me, it is about us. Then again, it’s not so much about us as it is about Him (← notice the capital “H”). In other words…


Thanks for coming out, and by the way, welcome to Covenant of Love!

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