It’s been a couple of years since I’ve done a giveaway at this site, so I’m beginning to make plans for another big one. I’m still working through the details but here’s what I’m thinking. This year there will be three prizes: Grand Prize, Second Place and Third Place.

It’ll probably be held in March because I want McGrath’s new book on C.S. Lewis to be a part of the Grand Prize. In order to qualify to enter the draw you have to be following this site on either Twitter or Facebook. To enter the draw you will have to do a shout-out about the draw. I.E. when I announce the draw (which will be a week-long), you’ll have one week to shout about it on Twitter, your blog, or Facebook. Twitter will feature heavily in this giveaway… so I’m looking for a good hashtag. I’m thinking #1BIGgiveaway, but that might be too long. #winbooks maybe?

I’m open to suggestions…

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