Cov-of-Luv Summer Reading Giveaway

Derek Ouellette —  May 31, 2010

All of these could be yours!


For the next seven days (June 1 – 7) you’ll have an opportunity to enter to win all six of these new release books including N.T. Wrights most talked about, After You Believe. The total retail value of this library is $150 CDN worth!

#1. After You Believe – N.T. Wright
#2. A New Kind of Christianity – Brian McLaren
#3. John Wyclif: Myth & Reality – G.R. Evans
#4. Imaginary Jesus – Matt Mikalatos
#5. Scandalous – D.A. Carson
#6. Questioning Q – Mark Goodacre & Nicholas Perrin

How To Enter

Well that’s the easy part. Subscribe to Covenant of Love by Reader, by Email or by Twitter. That’s it. Do that and your name goes in the “June” hat.

But you have to send me an email letting me know you’ve subscribed because you read this post or leave a comment below. That’s the hard part.

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See, easy as pie.

Increase Your Chances…

You can increase your chances to win by linking to this page in the side bar of your blog (send me a link so I can see). If you do this your name goes in the “June” hat twice. Comment on this post in your blog for your name to go in the “June” hat a third time (again, send me a link).

*Jackpot*: this is a biggie. Covenant of Love has an advertising Widget. Copy the code and add the widget to your blog and your name will go into the “June” hat FIVE TIMES!!! (Again, send me an email to the link.)

*That’s a total of EIGHT chances(!) you will have to win these great new titles!*

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