Attention Canadians: Great Christian eBook Giveaway Contest

Derek Ouellette —  June 5, 2012

Free eBooks

One of the major Canadian Christian book distributors, a company called Foundation Distributing, has been working hard to make Christian eBooks available in Canada through Canadian stores. Recently this vision has become a reality and to kick it off they have a contest running on their Facebook page.

1. Everyday they are giving away free eBooks. I mean really good stuff too. Recently they gave away a free copy of Death and Lifeafter: A Theological Introduction by Terence Nichols. Its a great book, I’ve read it before. They’ve also given away a novel called Paper Roses and a book titled What a Son Needs From his Dad: How a Man Prepares His Son For Life. Who knows what’s next.

2. Every Friday one of the participating retailers are giving away a $20 Gift certification.

3. They’re offering a grand prize valued at $200:

  • A Silver Kobo-Touch eReader
  • $20 Gift Certificate
  • Beach Bag
  • Reading Accessories

For complete details visit their Facebook page here.

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  • JT

    Looks similar to the vyrso giveaways ( Are they related, or are they publisher sourced?

    If you’re like me and don’t have an Apple/Android device but have a Kindle, I’ve noticed Amazon tends to match the freebies for Kindle versions.

  • seedsowers@Christian Book Store

    It revolutionized the way mothers thought about anger. More than that, it blew the lid off of the shame and isolation that Christian mothers felt. Godly mamas didn’t lose their temper. And if they did, they didn’t talk about it. We appreciate her honesty and candor, as well as the hope she offers that change is possible.

  • Christian daily devotional

    The best place one can find solace for hard to bear problems is the church and then a Christian book. One can find solutions for various problems in life in the books that are exclusively in a Christian book.