A Gift To My Readers

Derek Ouellette —  December 24, 2011

This year I wanted to do something nice for my faithful readers who, btw, must only be my friends because who else would keep coming back after reading some of the nonsense I write. It’s a testament to the internet that such online friendships among social media users who have never actually met can develop as such.

But what kind of gift could I give? A DOWNLOADABLE ONE!

Four years ago, before I got heavy into blogging, I started to work on a book. But life took some unexpected turns after a personal financial crash in which my wife and I had to move in with my in-laws (not my proudest season). My personal space was a small room that hardly fit a bed. No office. No desk. No nothing. Three years. During that time my books were in storage, my dad passed away, my family fractured and other personal matters all combined resulting in the removal of my manuscript from the top of the stove completely, and to the back of some metaphorical closet somewhere stuffed behind the metaphorical toilet paper.

Yet this manuscript, I think, represents some of the best stuff I’ve written. Way better than anything I’ve written here. I’d like to share it with you. But I have a few requests first that I would ask you to honour.

1) Please don’t share this post. I know this type of request is counterintuitive for bloggers, but while I trust you to respect the rest of these requests, unfortunately I probably can’t trust everyone to do so.

2) Please don’t use the material in the manuscript. I’m quite proud of it (though after reading it you might wonder why) and one day I may attempt to complete it and get it published, so respect my ownership of the material.

3) Please keep in mind that it is only about 25% complete and totally unedited.

I know I’m babbling like Nimrod, but a few more notes are in order. Reading it over there are many things I’d change. Ignore, for example, the phrase “to rectify” in the opening line. Ugh. It says “copyright 2011” because earlier this year I attached a title page, but trust me when I say it was written in 2007/08. Given the amount of books that have been published in the past three years that emphasize the gospel as narrative or story, I feel like I was both ahead of my time and, regrettably now if I ever get it published, a late comer to the table. So if I ever get it published I may reword the subtitles some. Also, a comment about my sources. Often in a typing frenzy I would add a footnote with a specific reference in mind, but rather than break up a typing roll I would drop a footnote simply listing the author and book with the intent of returning to fill in the details.

Finally, without further ado, here is my Christmas gift to you:

Download You Are Here

*** I’d be interested in your “mini-review” of the manuscript in the comment boxes below, good or bad reviews welcomed. Your take will help me out in the long run.

Merry Christmas!

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