Tips for Jesus – a nice report for a change

Derek Ouellette —  December 3, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-12-03 at 10.31.45 PMIt’s been reported on Huffington Post (“shows outrageous Christian generosity”), ABC (“doing the Lord’s work”), Denver Post (“what would Jesus tip“) and literally dozens of other news reports and websites.

Christians and restaurant servers have gotten off on the wrong foot (to say the least). Ironically Christians are known for being poor tippers or worse, “tract” tippers (“here’s a tip: get saved, Jesus loves you.”), or worse yet, ideologically resistant tippers (“I’d tip you but I don’t agree with your lifestyle”).

But one person is on a mission to change all of that.

A new instagram profile opened up back in September called “Tips For Jesus” (@tipsforjesus) in which an anonymous person or persons leaves tips in the area of thousands. There caption is: doing the Lord’s work, one tip at a time.

The bill for the first published tip was for $87.98. The tip was $3,000 to total $3,087.98. The tip of another bill amounted to $84.45 was $5,000 and on one bill where the anonymous tippers spent almost $3,000 on tequila, they tipped a whopping $10,000!

In a Huffington Post article Justin Lee (author of the book Torn), wrote back in January 2013:

As a former server myself, I always tip at least 18-20 percent unless the service was just so unbearably horrible that it destroyed the dining experience. Even then, I still tip, just not as much. If I can’t afford the tip, I don’t eat out, or I eat someplace where diners aren’t expected to tip. Otherwise, I consider paying my server to be part of the cost of the meal.

I think everyone should tip that way. It’s the right thing to do, regardless of your faith, and followers of Jesus are especially called to be generous and give more than people expect. Personally, I’d love to live in a world where non-Christians said of Christians, “I don’t agree with their beliefs, but those folks sure do know how to tip!”

Whoever’s doing the tipping, they are definitely moving and shaking things up. Every tip to date has gone through. There was an incident involving the $10 G’s. A hold up either with the credit card company or with the restaurant owners who may have held back the money for themselves. Either way, @tipsforjesus confirmed that the money went through and they even had the servers back, telling them what to do if their bosses had taken the money, and even willing to investigate it themselves. as they wrote:

“Notre Dame is stiffing you? Hmmm, let me make sure the charges went through since they claim they did not. If they’re lying to you, I can talk to AMEX about it, then you should get a lawyer, and call the local paper and ESPN. What they’re doing flys in the face of what Jesus would do”

These guys (or gals) are the real deal.

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  • Joshua Griffin

    Saw this on Glenn Beck’s email newsletter today. I must say it is a good thing. When I am at the point of “giving like never before” that’s part of the way it’s going to look.

  • Craig L. Adams

    What a wonderful trend!

  • Kevin Jackson

    That’s awesome. :)