The Devil’s Visitation (Part 2)

Derek Ouellette —  January 3, 2013

[This is part two of my ongoing fiction segment titled The Devil’s Tale. See the introduction and Part 1 for context]


That night the student tossed and turned restlessly desperate for an eluding sleep. His thesis, titled Sovereign God, sat on his desk merely half complete with a deadline looming like a nightmare. Calvin’s words repeated themselves over and over in his mind, “What of him? A pawn. A pansy. A puppet.” The words spoke, not of the devil alone, but of evil in general. The true nightmare was just beginning. The evil’s of human history painfully raced through his head. Hitler, Nero, the Crusades, the Inquisition. Abortion. Genocide. Murder. Rape. War.

Behind it all stood a Static Being who wrote a script, who planned, imagined and implemented the story. A reality of a single moment of forever. An illusion of life we experience, including all joy and all pain.

Slithering Surprise

Suddenly the student heard a noise stirring at the foot of his bed. Fear gripped him, but with it came a reprieve from his haunting thesis. Then a smell emerged from below which engulfed his room. It was a revolting smell like that of a swamp filled with decaying corpses. Then a hiss, and then a slither.

There emerged above his bed the dark form of a creature so hideous the very sight of him was paralyzing. The creature reached down and pressed heavily upon the man’s chess with one claw, and the other over his mouth and nose preventing his lungs from filling with oxygen. Leaning down close with his huge, ugly face and deep beady red eyes, the demonic beast slurred into the man’s ear with a frightful hint of urgency, “we must leave now.”


The two of them vanished into a cloud of green poisonous smoke.

 To be continued…

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