What is One Reason You Are Thankful For Your Local Church?

Derek Ouellette —  August 28, 2010

I felt it was necessary to offset yesterday’s post, What is One Thing You Feel You Can’t Say in Church, by sharing something very positive about your local Christian gathering.

So share with us one reason you are thankful for your local church.

I’m delighted to share my one reason: The Pastor! His name is John and he is a great guy, a humble guy and a very teachable guy. He is truly a shephard in my eyes. And, personally, what I love about him is that we can discuss theology and I feel we are on the same ground. I get no sense of him on some higher plane looking down on me and telling me, “No, no, no. This is what you are supposed to believe…”

I thank God of John; he’s a model pastor.

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Derek Ouellette

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  • Josh

    It’s awesome to hear about your experience with John, Derek. Humble, open, wise leaders are key to growth in the body of Christ.

    I’d have to say of the churches and leaders in Windsor that I’ve experienced thus far: what’s going on at Newsong as well as Kevin Roger’s leadership and teaching is some of the most down-to-earth, incarnational ministry that I’ve seen in this area. Community and mission (in much of it’s “beauty and unattractiveness”) is being lived out and exemplified in an organic way. I hope for more of that in Windsor – more walk along with the talk.

  • david syme

    My local presbyterian church is in Wishaw, Scotland. The church minister is vibrant and alive and the congregation is growing.