If you don’t live it, it’s difficult to get it out.

Derek Ouellette —  November 5, 2012

I don’t believe people are hypocritical by nature.

I believe we have to work at it.

That’s because if we don’t live it out, it is difficult to get it out.

It’s difficult to preach on what we don’t live.

It’s difficult to write on what we don’t live.

It’s difficult to teach on what we don’t live.


We do it from an abstract angle (“here’s what Paul taught…”)

Or we are skilled actors.

The word hypocrite comes from the Greek word “hypokrisis” which means “play-acting.” 

I don’t know a lot of really good actors. But over time practice makes perfect.

At first it feels awkward and forced. You may even be found out because of the obvious jitters that comes with being a novice.

But in time you get better and better and soon, you’re practically an expert actor. You belong on Broadway performing a play you designed. You truly become, in the original sense of the word, a “hypokrisis.”

But your stage is not Broadway or Hollywood.

It’s a pulpit somewhere or a blog. It’s a conversation with one group of people or with another. But never the same with both.

But why would anyone strive for hypokrisis?

Because image matters. We want to be seen in the most positive light by those around us.

Because shame matters. We are ashamed because we aren’t doing as we should and we need to cover that up.

Because laziness matters. We are often too comfortable to get up and live it.

We’d rather work on hypokrisis than on ‘integer.’

Integer is Latin for integrity. It means “whole” or “complete.”

If hypokrisis takes work, integer takes more work.

Hypokrisis gets easier with time because it feeds into a broken nature.

Integer remains difficult, nay, impossible, because it strives for resurrection and restoration.

That is why hypokrisis merely takes a surrender to the flesh while integer needs help from the Spirit.

Because resurrection and restoration are only possible with God.

Next time you have something to say, resist the platform or say it with integer.

Which, of course, means a whole bunch of things.

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