Black Friday’s Irony

Derek Ouellette —  November 23, 2012

I heard someone today say, “It’s ironic that American’s would be willing trample one another on a Friday for the stuff they were thankful for the day before.”

I’m not opposed to Black Friday shopping, but I do think that the ethos we’ve created this day, the frenzy, the dog-eat-dog mentality that has to, needs to shop on this day, really tells us something about our culture. It also makes me question how thankful we really are for the things we do in fact have. Or if Thanksgiving has just become another day off to eat a large meal and to gather together with family, rather than truly and genuinely being thankful.

My mother used to always say that actions speak louder than words.

What do the actions of our Black Friday say about our words on Thanksgiving Thursday?

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