Do Christians Have To Obey God?

Derek Ouellette —  August 3, 2013

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Recently someone said quite emphatically, “Christians have to tithe. God commands it.”

In a recent video I showed that God does not command it.

But then I got thinking. What if He did command it? So what?

Forget about tithing. What about giving? Do Christians have to give, yes or no?

What about premarital sex. Do Christians have to practice abstinence, yes or no?

What about caring for the poor. Do Christians have to be socially active, yes or no?

Do Christians have to love their neighbours, yes or no?

Do Christians have to be baptized, yes or no?

Do Christians have to give a whoop of what God thinks, yes or no?

If you’ve answered yes to most or all of the questions above then you may be having a brain fart. I’ve had more than a few in my time. It’s when you forget about what’s really important and get fixated on what’s not. It’s when you mistake the symptoms for the root. When you think in terms of effect rather than cause.

Christianity is a grace based religion built on love. And love changes the “have to” to “want to.”

When we say that Christians “have to” obey God, we’ve forgotten the cause of our faith, which is love. But love has an effect, and that effect is action. To quote the cover of a popular book: Love Does. But it doesn’t do because it has to. It does because it wants to. Love does simply because that’s what love does.

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