Outlive Your Life (In Review)

Derek Ouellette —  January 25, 2011

Outlive Your Life
By Max Lucado
3 Stars (out of 5)

I’m going to be honest, this is a good book but it took me forever to read. The thing is, it’s been done. Often. I am reminiscent of Bill Hybels Holy Discontent. Both books seek to accomplish the same thing: challenge Christians to make a lasting impact in this world. But they do so by appealing to different sides of our emotions.

Whereas for Hybels, the emphasis is to take those issues that make you discontent and frustated, and turn it into a holy discontent by becoming proactive in addressing the issues which burn your bottom. Lucado’s approach is to appeal to our mortality. We are here now, and gone tomorrow and the question asked is, did your life matter? What did you live for? What impact remained? Can you outlive your life? Or rather to put it positively: Outlife Your Life!

I suppose what makes this book different from the many others which have been following this trend is that it is done “Lucado style”. Max is great at taking familiar biblical stories and breathing new life into them. For Lucado fans, this will be another great book.

Now, if I may – as each reviewer writes with his own mind – I’d like to share my criticism. Lucado’s books reach such a wide audience because they are written at such a low level. Like the old claymation movies, each scene is broken up by a noticable choppiness to it. The filmographers would move their clay characters as minutely as possible, take a shot, then repeat until eventually a complete scene – with noticable stops – takes shape. For me, this is somewhat analagous to reading a Lucado book where a “period” [.] is placed after every five or so words. Lucado has some great insights and I wish he would bring his reading level up a bit.

Having said that, Lucado’s books – particularly A Gentle Thunder – have at times met me in places and turned things around just when I needed a good turning around.

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