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Derek Ouellette —  May 3, 2010

Plan B by Pete Wilson[1]
4 Stars (out of 5)

Over the years many authors and pastors have attempted to write books which answer the question, when all things in life crash around me, what am I to do now? From this question springs a myriad of other questions, doesn’t God work all things out for good? Where is he now? Where was he then? How am I going to get through this situation? Why did my life not go according to plan?

With an exceptionally sensitive and pastoral spirit Pete Wilson, in my estimate, addresses the pain people feel when Plan A crumbles before their eyes on a level which will resonate with everyone. I wrote a post on my blog telling a story of when my life switched gears from Plan A to Plan B. If truth be told, I am somewhere much further down in the alphabet today. My father died young; I didn’t go to Seminary; I did not enter the pastorate; I did not get married at twenty five; and so on.

What Pete offers in Plan B is the assurance 1) that God really does work all things out for good if we surrender ourselves and our plans to him, and 2) Pete provides much practical advice to help us cope with the changes we face in life.

What I particularly appreciate about Plan B is that Pete does not pretend that all things are always going to be okay (he provides illustration upon illustration from cover to cover to press the point). Life is not smooth sailing – not even for Christians. There are no “pat” answers, but there is a great God who is faithful and trustworthy.

[1] Disclaimer: Plan B was given to me by Thomas Nelson through the Booksneeze program for the purpose of this review.

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